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So you haven’t heard from me for a while. It is one year since I joined Formosa 900 to cycle around Taiwan. Now, the next Formosa 900 takes place and again cyclists are touring the island. This time, I am not one of them. I am at home, designing sofa cushions – but more about that in a moment. First I would like to mention that Formosa 900 was not my last trip to Taiwan. I am hoping I can spend a holiday in Taiwan in 2017 🙂 So my Taiwan stories in this blog will definitely continue.

And the thing with the sofa cushions: I took part in a competition for artists. One has to hand in three designs for sofa cushions and the best one will be sold at Wraptious.com. The contest entries are also available to buy, but only until November 16, 2016. Artists get points with Facebook likes and cushion sales. So have a look and if you like my cushions I would appreciate if you could like, share and maybe even buy them!

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Available to buy here:

Verena Goess – Dragonfly Woods

Verena Goess_ Squirrel Woods

Verena Goess_ Butterfly Woods

I designed them specifically to fit to the iconic Cole & Son’s Wallpaper Woods which I have in my living room.  It first started with me drawing on leftover pieces of the wallpaper. The plan was to have this as framed artwork on one of the walls without wallpaper.


Original drawing on Cole and Son’s Woods wallpaper

My colleagues at work were so excited about my artwork that I got motivated and when I saw the contest on Wraptious.com (who by the way have really nice cushions), I decided to give it a go!

I drew my own birch trees (because of course I couldn’t upload the painting on the original wallpaper as my own art). This way the design fits to the wallpaper but is still my own. I am excited about the result and of course I ordered them for my own couch 😉

Update (11.11.2016): The competition deadline got extended a bit: The cushions are available to buy at Wraptious.com until November 16, 2016. My order already arrived, so I can show you some pictures of the actual product! 🙂 I really love them! The fabric is really soft and the print came out nicely.


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