Back in Germany

The two weeks of my exciting trip to Taiwan came to an end. Last week on Thursday evening – after a 24 hour day of travelling – I arrived at my parents home in Germany. Luckily I had a weekend to recover: In the night from Friday to Saturday I slept 15 hours ! But of course I am sad that I had to leave Taiwan again. Especially leaving my host family was very sad. I have to say that my host family, Jack, Kuku and Vivian, were brilliant! They spend so much time travelling with me, showing me beautiful places and explaining their country to me.

Thank you for being such a great host family! 🙂 I hope we meet again!

As you can see on the pictures I wore a Dirndl in Taiwan 😉 That was for the press conference and the farewell banquet in Taipei on the last day of the trip. At the press conference we met the vice president of Taiwan, Mr Vincent Siew. After standing in a queue for a while, Vivian and I took a picture with him:

The banquet was really nice, the organizers arranged a wonderful show with different performances. I will write more about the banquet, my last days in Taiwan and other interesting stuff that I haven’t mentioned yet in a final article. During my trip I did not have much time for writing my blog. So I couldn’t explain everything as detailed as I would have liked.

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