Only 22 days to go until my arrival in Taiwan!

Wow, only 22 days left until I will arrive in Taiwan! That means 21 days until my flight… I can’t believe it!

Since my last post I received some important information: I know now where my dormitory will be! It’s the Han Lin dormitory which – as far as I understood – is especially for international students. You can find it on google maps entering “13 崇義街, 西屯區, Taiwan”. The house number is not shown correctly, but at least this leads you to the right street. Curious as I am, I used Google street view to get a closer look. It seems that you can see every corner of Taichung with Google street view. Even the streets on the university campus! I think it looks ok: The dormitory is in a small street that leads to a big street with many small shops.

This screenshot from google maps shows the big street (Hénán Road) that is close to the dormitory.

This screenshots shows the surroundings of the dormitory and where Feng Chia University is located.

I already know who I will share a room with in the dormitory: A girl from France. I contacted her via e-mail and she seems to be really nice! I also found some pictures of the dormitory on a link by the Chinese Language Center.

I was told that on the 16th of August I can access an online portal of Feng Chia University where I can check if I got registered for the courses I applied for. If not I can use the online system to register for other courses. I didn’t totally understand yet how that will work, I guess I will just try.

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