Student clubs at Feng Chia University

The last days passed without me writing anything for my blog – so now it’s about time! I want to write about my first experience in a local nightclub and an afternoon in the city center of Taichung. But this will have to wait until my next post. Today I just want to share my experience at the student club fair at university today. This event takes place at the beginning of each semester in order to attract new students to the many student clubs. I was totally amazed by the diversity of clubs and will definitely join one or two.


I don’t know exactly what this student club does:


This student club is singing:

The international ballroom dancing club did a really nice performance:


There are student clubs for many different activities. There are sport clubs (such as martial arts, volleyball, basketball, hiphop or jazz dancing, inline skating and a bike club), music clubs (traditional chinese music or a guitar club), several volunteer clubs (the international volunteer club is where all our partner students are members) and many more. I found several clubs that i am interested in. Now I have the dilemma that I don’t have infinite time and I can’t join all of them. I was thinking of joining the bike club for tours in the area of Taichung, that would be really nice! But I don’t know if I could keep up with a group of bike fans … instead i am thinking of joining the hiking club for some mountain tours. They stay over night in tents on the mountain, that sounds fun! The equipment can be borrowed from them. As I really like dancing I could join the FCU Dance Club. They do Hip Hop, Jazz and Poppin. There is a FCU TV club which does campus news tv. I also met a group of students from the FCU-Zen Joy Club where I could learn meditation.

This evening some student clubs will perform at a variety show at the gym. I will go there with two other exchange students to see what the clubs are doing. 🙂

Tomorrow I will have my first class at university: Chinese class for listening and speaking practice. I will definitely keep you updated on how it went! Another important news: I am thinking of moving out of the dormitory into a shared flat… The dormitory is totally fine, but having my own room and a kitchen would be awesome. Today or latest tomorrow I will go to visit a flat for 4 people that I could move into with some other international students.

Have a nice start to the new week! 🙂

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