Taichung at night – clubbing

Of course nightlife in Taichung is not only about food. In order to burn some calories, dancing is very important 😉 In the beginning of my stay here, I joined two parties which ended in nightclubs.

Both parties started at the flat of three french exchange students. Their flat is way different from the dormitory and of course I was jealous seeing how they live. They have each their own room as well as a common living, eating and kitchen area and a common bathroom. The flat was fully furnished when they moved in. At the entrance to their building a receptionist speaking english can call taxis for them or help them with other requests. Also on the ground floor is a swimming pool with several areas. That – in my opinion – is the best part of their home. Most people who didn’t want to live in the dormitory needed around one week to find an apartment to rent. I will stay in the dormitory.

The first party actually started with a bit of relaxing in the swimming pool. Afterwards we sat in their flat to chat, drink and snack. Finally – around midnight – we moved to the nightclub.

The first nightclub we tried was Lobby. It is not far from Feng Chia university and therefore quick to reach by taxi. The evening we went there it was Wednesday – ladies night! When entering, us ladies were asked to draw a chip from a box. Depending on the number on our chip we had to pay our entrance fee. One girl could enter for free, I had to pay 300 NTD (around 7 euro). Others had to pay more. At ladies night there was open bar, so us girls got free drinks the whole evening. The club was full, but the dance floor was so big that the space at the back wasn’t too crowded. This way one had the choice of squeezing in the front or dancing with some space. Another option (only for girls!) is to dance on stage. When there is no performance going on, girls can climb on stage and dance in front of the DJ table. Of course our group of exchange students went to claim the stage a lot that evening 😉 The following video gives a short impression of the atmosphere in the club. Please excuse the bad quality – I just used my phone:

At the next party a few days later we wanted to try another nightclub. With a big group of over 20 people we wanted to go to the club 18TC, which is very popular in Taichung. But probably because of the size of our group we weren’t allowed to go in. Instead we went to a club around the corner that we hadn’t heard of before: X-cube. This club is very small and we didn’t really like it much. We only got in by agreeing to rent a private room for the evening. So the good thing was that we had a big couch to sit on if we wanted. But the rest was not so spectacular.

In my next blog post I will tell you about my first courses at Feng Chia University.

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