Finally in Taiwan! :-)

After a long and exhausting journey I arrived in Taiwan this afternoon. I was greeted by my host family and Say Taiwan staff at the airport. Everyone was very happy and friendly 🙂

After a short stay at my host families home we went out for a really nice dinner. Even though my stomach still felt a bit strange after my trip, I enjoyed it a lot. I got to taste some food that I didn’t know before, for example frog leg and chicken feet 😉 It actually doesn’t taste bad!

I am really looking forward to tomorrow: We will see part of the Keelung ghost festival tomorrow, I am sure that will be great fun!
This evening after dinner we went to see a place where the ghost festival is also celebrated. It is a temple decorated with many lights:

Even though it is only 5 pm in Germany, here it is 11 pm and I am very tired! So I will go to sleep soon. Good night! 🙂

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