Seafood and Dharma Drum Mountain

Right now it is midnight in Taiwan – the end of my second day here. After a good night of sleep, I had enough energy for this very exciting day. First we went for lunch in a seafood restaurant located at Keelung harbor. I drank “plum juice” and tasted very fresh seafood. At this occasion I learned how to eat crab, it is a bit difficult to open the pincers and my host family had to help me a bit 😉

This is the Hu Pe Hslang Seafood Restaurant:

Close to the restaurant is a famous fish market. Together with Vivian I had a look:
(Click on the pictures for a closer look)

Afterwards we drove to a “center for buddhist education”, the Dharma Drum Mountain. This is a large area consisting of a temple, a library, walking trails and it also is a home to monks and nuns.
(A is the home of my host family, B is the  Dharma Drum Mountain)

At this center many volunteers help to show visitors around. Most of those tours seem the be in chinese, but my host family found an english-speaking guide for our tour, this was great! Together with my host family I went into Wish Fulfilling Guanyin Hall and we prayed to the Guanyin goddess.

I would love to tell more, but it is getting really late now and I am tired. The ghost festival this evening was wonderful. I will make sure to post pictures as soon as possible!

Good night! 🙂



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