Puli and Sun Moon Lake

I feel like going on holiday in my holiday: Today I arrived with my host family at Sun Moon Lake. This is a beautiful lake with green water in the center of Taiwan. My host family comes here nearly every year for a short trip. On our way here we stopped at Puli where my host family prayed for the soul of Vivian’s grandmother. On the pictures below you can see our route for today and the ancestral hall in Puli. (A = home of my host family, B = Puli, C = Sun Moon Lake)

Before continuing with our trip to Sun-Moon Lake we took lunch in Puli. We ate hot pot, this was a new experience for me! The idea of hot pot is that you cook your food yourself on the table. We each had a pot standing in front of us and a switch to control the heat. On another plate we each had raw vegetables and meat to put into the pot. On another table we could choose ingredients to put together our own sauce for the dish.

At Sun-Moon Lake we stay in a very nice hotel which is actually owned by ChungHwa Telecom. According to my host family the company owns several hotels in Taiwan.

Close to the hotel is an area with many souvenir and food shops. After a short break in the hotel we explored the area together and I got to taste some nice food. First a kind of sandwich and then an interesting and very yummy ice cream creation. I don’t know how to explain it, best you just see the picture:

Also at night Sun-Moon Lake is just beautiful:

Tomorrow Vivian and I will probably visit Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village which is also here at Sun-Moon Lake. Good night!

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