Providence University Taichung

Good Morning Germany!

Tonight maybe for the first time since I am in Taiwan I slept more than 8 hours 😉 I really needed this sleep. Yesterday we went back from Taichung to Keelung. After checking out of the Hotel in Taichung we went for a nice lunch at a seafood restaurant in Taichung:

Then we visited Providence University Taichung 🙂 I want to spend one semester of my studies in a foreign country. Taiwan is one possibility. The campus is really huge with a building for each field of study. There is also a library with several floors. Also featuring books in English. In the library there is also a “Music appreciation room” in which students can sit and listen to music and there are also some TV’s in the library which students can use. Also on the Campus is a language center where one can study different languages. The students usually stay in the dormitory provided by the university. This is also on the campus. This means that if I choose to study there, I would spend most of my time in the campus area. As I don’t speak any Chinese, this would be much easier than having to move through Taichung every day. But sleeping in a dormitory would also need some getting used to: I would have to share a room with 3 other girls. If I am lucky I could also get a room with fewer people, but still it would be a change for me. So far I always had a room for myself. On the other hand one semester only lasts 4 months, this is not such a long time. The Providence University offers different activities in student clubs that I could join during my time there. This way I believe it would be very easy to meet other students and make friends.

Today I will go to Taipei with Vivian.

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