Sun Moon Lake and Taichung

Yesterday morning we visited some other places around Sun Moon Lake. Vivian and I took a boat across the lake to Shuishe while her parents took the car. There we took some pictures and had lunch. After lunch we took another boat, passing by Lalu Island, and went to Syanguang. There we had a look at a temple.

Our next stop was a butterfly garden at Sun Moon Lake. I got to see many beautiful butterflys!They were moving so fast that it was very difficult to take pictures, but I did my best:

After this short stop we took the car to Taichung. There we checked in a very nice hotel: the Evergreen Laurel Hotel. We had time for a little break and then visited a beautiful Park in Taichung.

I don’t have much time now to write much, so I will just focus on pictures. After visiting the park we went to the 逢甲 Night Market in Taichung. Instead of visiting a restaurant for dinner we bought snacks at stands at the market. In a funny coincidence we met another Say Taiwan participant at the crowded night market: Henry from Brazil! So the rest of the evening we spend together.

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  1. Phan says:

    it’s so nice reading your writing about traveling. I’ve a break between 2 semesters and am looking for some place to go. Your post gave me some suggestion and I appreciate it a lot. I’m studying in Providence University, Taichung. Feng-jia night market is my favourite over here ^^.

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