A tour of Feng Chia University – It’s video time!

Hello everyone,

It’s video time!! 😀
Magalie and me had a day off university yesterday. We decided to get a break from sitting in front of our laptops and to go out in the sun instead 🙂 We went to Feng Chia University to take pictures and to create a video for you: A tour of Feng Chia University.

We hope you enjoy 🙂

(At the beginning the sound might be a bit annoying, but it gets better)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. LiLong says:

    Hello Vena, you did a great job. Good recording, sharing the life you are in Taiwan. It makes your journey more abundant. Good Luck…….. LiLong

  2. Migo says:

    Hi, Verena: Thank you for the sharing. I will definitely have it shared with future exchange students. Cheers! Migo

  3. Julian says:

    And the Oscar to ….

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