Say Hello to Mr. Rucksack!

Tomorrow morning I will get into a plane heading to Taiwan, I will travel alone – no wait! I’m not alone! There is also Mr. Rucksack!

Usually i like to travel with suitcases. But I figured that for some trips a backpack is just much more convenient. For Taiwan a suitcase is also fine. But as I will also visit Orchid Island, I think a backpack might be a better choice.

Especially because I like suitcases, I bought a backpack which is a little bit like a suitcase. I chose the Traveller 55 + 10 SL from Deuter. As the name suggests, it can carry 55 litres and includes a daypack which I will use as hand luggage in the plane and for day trips in Taiwan. I hope this backpack really is good quality and will last me for many trips.

What I like about Mr. Rucksack is that it can be packed nearly like a suitcase. It also has several small nets for storing smaller things. Let’s see if I still like Mr. Rucksack after carrying him on my back for the next two weeks!!

Deuter Traveller

See you soon in Taiwan!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. 心義 劉 says:

    it seems really really heavy@@”

    1. vena2taiwan says:

      Actually at least in my short test right now it didn’t feel too heavy. The good thing ist that it puts a lot of weight on the hips and not too much on the shoulders. But i might change my mind after carrying it for a while 😉

  2. Ony says:

    Bon voyage Verena!!! 🙂 I’ll be following your blog to see your new pics from Taiwan and other places.

  3. Erhard Goess says:

    Hi Verena, have a save trip. Erhard from Daegu , Korea

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