Taichung with friends

Today I moved to a cheaper hostel where I stay for one night in a dorm room. It’s also close to the train station and it’s called Auntie Julie’s House. It was a bit difficult to find, as there is no sign (at least I didn’t see one) outside. But looking for the number of the house worked. It is actually just one apartment inside of a large house. The hostel consists of one room with 8 beds, two tables with a computer, some closets and lockers and an adjoining bathroom. The lady who is renting the beds was very nice and the room seems clean enough. For the price of 463 NTD, I am satisfied.

Antie Julie's Hostel Taichung

After switching my hostel, I went to Mode Mall at the rear side of the Taichung train station. It also has a big Carrefour supermarket, some food stalls and of course many shops. On the way to the mall I got my first tea at a street stall this time in Taiwan. I bought it from Mr. Wish. It was soooooo yummy!!! And I loved that it had pieces inside to chew, really great. I missed those drinks in Germany!

Tea by Mr. WischMode Mall Taichung

Walking in the area of the train station, I discovered an amazing souvenir shop: Dawncake Miyahara. The shop is in a beautiful building which was originally an eye-clinic. They have ice cream and beautifully packaged cakes (for instance sun cake or pineapple cake). The ice cream is supposed to be great, maybe I will try it when I go there next time. And I will surely go another time: Before my return to Germany I would like to buy souvenirs here.

dawncake Taichung

It’s so yummy, also ants can’t resist:

Dawncake ants

Afterwards I met with friends that I know from my semester abroad in Taiwan. They are great girls and I missed them a lot after my return to Germany. Our teamwork for university was one of my favorite activities during my semester here. Momo picked me up at the train station and we went by scooter to 香蕉新樂園. It is a really nice restaurant which looks awesome inside. A bit like a museum: with old school tables, ancient movie theatre equipment and much more. Great for taking fun pictures!

香蕉新樂園 restaurant decoration

lunch at 香蕉新樂園

Group picture in 香蕉新樂園

Picture in 香蕉新樂園 movie theatre equipment

School setting in restaurant

Today we wanted to visit Ming Fang Orchid Farm, But we finished lunch too late and couldn’t have made it before they closed at 6 pm. We will try to go when I stop in Taichung again at the end of my trip through Taiwan.

But regarding Orchids, at least I can confirm that they are used as decoration in many places here. And I think the Orchids or sets of Orchids used for decoration here are much bigger / more beautiful that the ones you see in Germany.

Orchid as decoration

Of course we also had to re-visit Feng Chia nightmarket. I just loved to come here for shopping or eating yummy snacks. I was really excited to see it again. Unfortunately I was still too full from lunch to enjoy the snacks. 😉

Feng Chia Nightmarket


I am currently on a trip sponsored by the Youth Trekker Wanted Campaign. As part of this campaign, young people from around the world get to travel Taiwan with a budget from the organizers. In return, we write daily blog posts during our trips. While I therefore not have to pay for this trip, what I write in this blog is my own, true opinion. For more information on the activity, check http://youthtravel.tw/youthtrekker/. I am also posting my blog entries on an official activity blog here

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