Yellow Duck and Orchids in Kaohsiung

Today I left Alishan and took a train from Chiayi to Kaohsiung. I will stay in Kaohsiung for one night before I continue my journey to Orchid Island.

I left Alishan with the first bus at 9:10 am in the morning. I bought the bus ticket at the 7-11 in the park. The bus departs right in front of the shop. At my arrival in Chiayi, I bought a train ticket and departed 30 minutes later for Kaohsiung.

Here in Kaohsiung I am staying at Backpacker 41 hostel. I had stayed here once during my semester abroad in Taiwan and I really liked the hostel. So here I am again. I can really recommend this hostel if you are thinking about a trip to Kaohsiung. The hostel moved from house number 41 to 39 since the last time I was here. It is a bit bigger now maybe. Anyways it is still really nice. It can be reached in under 5 minutes from a MRT station only 3 stops from the main train station.

Today I didn’t do much in Kaohsiung, only visit the Yellow Duck which is currently here and walk around a bit.

View in Kaohsiung close to hostel

Walking around, I saw some Phalaenopsis orchids growing on trees next to a big street! They didn’t naturally grow there but were obviously put there by people. I wonder who put them there? The people living nearby? Some of them are still really small.

orchid on tree in Kaohsiung orchid on tree in Kaohsiung 2 Orchids on tree in kaohsiung 3

Kaohsiung is crazy about the Yellow Duck. Many people were visiting it today and one can buy a lot of souvenirs related to ducks. Tomorrow is I think the last day the duck stays in Kaohsiung, and then it will move to another Taiwanese city. I think Taichung, but I am not sure. I have to say the duck is so big, it does look really impressive!

Yellow Duck Kaohsiung Sun

Me with Yellow Duck Kaohsiung

Yellow Duck Kaohsiung Front view yellow duck

Yellow Duck souvenirs

Yellow Duck cake

For dinner I treated myself with Sushi from Sushi Express – so yummy!!!

Sushi Express salmon


I am currently on a trip sponsored by the Youth Trekker Wanted Campaign. As part of this campaign, young people from around the world get to travel Taiwan with a budget from the organizers. In return, we write daily blog posts during our trips. While I therefore not have to pay for this trip, what I write in this blog is my own, true opinion. For more information on the activity, check I am also posting my blog entries on an official activity blog here.

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