Shilin Nightmarket Taipei

I am in Taipei now, today I would like to share some nightmarket images with you! Beforehand a bit more about Orchid Island:

Yesterday, right in the morning, my host took me to a trail in Orchid Island to search for Orchids. We ventured into the forest, even a bit off the trail. But unfortunately we couldn’t find any!

In the forest Lanyu

My host and tour guide said that Orchids grow very well on this tree:

Tree in Lanyu

There was not much time to search, as I had my flight back to Taitung at 11:10 am.

Me in front of the guesthouse in Lanyu:

Lamuran Guesthouse in Lanyu

I paid 600 NTD for a night at Lamuran Guesthouse. 1000 NTD for a ~ 4-5 hour tour of the island. Another 200 NTD for our Orchid search in the morning.

Last view on the ocean from Orchid Island, that day with better weather:

Ocenview in Lanyu

So I took the plane back to Taitung. From Taitung I took a train to Taipei.

In Taipei I checked in at Flip Flop Hostel at Taipei main station. Here I am staying in a dorm room again. But here only 3 people sleep in one room. The hostel is big and has one floor only for girls. I like it here!

Today was the official Youth Trekker Wanted Party. The event itself took place in the afternoon. But we met in the morning for a practice round of our presentations for the Party. We were five Youth Trekkers: Martha from Poland, Tom from England, Nelson from Portugal, Kohai from Japan and me. We were introduced to a group of youths from Taiwan and the press. Then each of us held a presentation about our time in Taiwan. Afterwards we got to talk to the audience and exchange postcards. In return for postcards from Nürnberg, I got many beautiful postcards from Taiwan! 🙂

Youth Trekker Party

After the event, I went directly to Shilin nightmarket. I wanted to use the opportunity to visit this large nightmarket.

Shilin Nightmarket

Cute clothes Shilin Nightmarket Shop in Shilin Nightmaket

After this nightmarket trip I have a little problem… I bought more than Mr. Rucksack can swallow! So I hope the airline company for my flight back to Germany won’t be too strict 😉


I am currently on a trip sponsored by the Youth Trekker Wanted Campaign. As part of this campaign, young people from around the world get to travel Taiwan with a budget from the organizers. In return, we write daily blog posts during our trips. While I therefore not have to pay for this trip, what I write in this blog is my own, true opinion. For more information on the activity, check I am also posting my blog entries on an official activity blog here.

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