One day in Kaohsiung

Today I finally had a day without any plans: just time to visit Kaohsiung and to relax a bit!

In the morning I went to Pier 2 Art Center in Kaohsiung. It is a large area of warehouses at the harbour that can be reached easily be MRT. Many houses are painted on the outside and there are many statues. Inside of the warehouses one can visit art exhibitions.

pier 2 view on kaohsiung

Pier 2 art center painted house

Pier 2 painted house Aliens

Pier 2 funny statues

I visited an exhibition of an Austrian artist who illustrated some story books such as The Little Mermaid or Alice in Wonderland.

Exhibition 2 Exhibition

Then I visited an exhibition on Doraemon – a popular Japanese Manga and Anime. Doraemon looks a bit like a cat but he is a robot from the future. I have to admit I never read or saw any episodes of Doraemon. So I was just amazed how popular it is here!

Doraemon in his time machine Doraemon

Doraemon souvenirs


Walking in a park at the pier 2 area, I found some pots with beautiful, blooming orchids!

Orchid in park

Orchid in park

I spend my evening at Rueifong Nightmarket in Kaohsiung. It is a really nice nightmarket! Many food stalls and also many shops for clothing and small things.

Cat at nightmarket kaohsiung

Nightmarket Kaohsiung

stuff at Kaohsiung nightmarket



I am currently on a trip sponsored by the Youth Trekker Wanted Campaign. As part of this campaign, young people from around the world get to travel Taiwan with a budget from the organizers. In return, we write daily blog posts during our trips. While I therefore not have to pay for this trip, what I write in this blog is my own, true opinion. For more information on the activity, check I am also posting my blog entries on an official activity blog here.

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