Day trip in Taichung

My trip through Taiwan is nearing its end. Today I went on a day trip with my Taiwanese friends from Feng Chia University. The boyfriend of one of the girls was so nice to drive us around.

Our day-trip car

This morning I took a train from Kaohsiung to Taichung. At the train station I met my friends. Now I am in the bus on my way from Taichung to Taipei. There I am staying again at Flip Flop Hostel.

After my arrival in Taichung this morning, we went to the Dawncake shop I mentioned previously. Here I might have bought a souvenir for someone who might be reading this blog ;-p Also we tried the famous ice cream from this shop. One scoop costs around 2 euro! I had two scoops with some toppings for 170 NTD (~4 euro). They have an amazing choice of chocolate ice cream. One can choose between cacao levels from around 40 to 100 percent. I was recommended 72 percent and it was really yummy.

Ice cream dawncake

Me with Ice cream Dawncake

Eating our ice cream we drove to visit Ming Fang Orchid Farm (萌芳花卉農 場). They have a showroom open to the public where one can see many beautiful Orchids ready for sale. Unfortunately of course I can’t buy anything here… one can’t take plants on the plane! But still it was very nice to see the Orchids.

Ming Feng orchid farm

The girls

Multiple Orchids in a pot Orchid

Phal Orchid Japanese Lady

Happy with Orchids

Afterwards we continued to Senxing Station – a former train station which is now a touristic spot. It is a really nice place with many cute shops. The area is also famous for its woodcarvers and I saw amazing work in the windows of the woodcarvers while we drove by.

Group picture2

Group Picture

picture fun

Cute cat stuff in a shop:

Cuuute cats

Some tofu and intestine meal that my friends had for lunch. – I had enough with the ice cream 😉 But I tried the dish and it tastes really yummy!


After some picture-taking fun, we took the car back to Taichung. There my friends dropped me at the Chaoma bus station. It is not so far from Feng Chia area where they live. There are many busses every day from Chaoma to Taipei and Tainan. I paid 210 NTD for my trip to Taipei.

Thank you very much for the great day, girls! And thank you also to our wonderful driver and camera man!

I don’t know how much time to blog I will have in my final two days in Taiwan. So maybe this is my last blog post written in Taiwan for now. However I will write more detailed posts after my return to Germany. Also I will add some German translations. See you soon!


I am currently on a trip sponsored by the Youth Trekker Wanted Campaign. As part of this campaign, young people from around the world get to travel Taiwan with a budget from the organizers. In return, we write daily blog posts during our trips. While I therefore not have to pay for this trip, what I write in this blog is my own, true opinion. For more information on the activity, check I am also posting my blog entries on an official activity blog here.

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